Centa is a leading business support organisation based in central London:

With over 26 years experience of providing impartial advice and hands on support to start-up and trading businesses; from securing finance, to mentoring, expanding business ideas, training and practical help to set up and run a business. Our offices, in the heart of Kings Cross London, also include conference and meeting room hire, plus office incubation and workshop spaces to rent. Link to services page

We understand how to start and run a successful business and how to communicate this to our clients:

We have extensive understanding of the clients that we serve and our long-standing presence in central London has given us an acute insight into the local business market and dynamics. Last year alone we advised 1,800 people, helped start over 100 businesses, trained 400 people and helped 500 existing business improve their performance.

Why are we so effective?

Because Centa itself is a small business and has had to be as enterprising as our most enterprising clients and we are able to draw on a local network of specialist skills such as accountants, lawyers and other professionals. And because we are passionate and motivated by supporting people through the process of starting and succeeding in business.

And for over 25 years we haven’t lost sight of our founding principle:

In that we are a not for profit social enterprise, driven by our mission rather than a profit motive with a strong emphasis on supporting those groups most identified as needing the greatest support.

And we work to the highest standards and demand quality:

We are committed to providing a high quality, professional and efficient service that is relevant to individual needs, at the point of entry. And providing services that are within a regulated environment, with advice and help that is independent, impartial and in our client’s best interests.

Not surprisingly our reputation and success is built on the quality of our people:

Centa is steered strategically by a board of non-executive directors who act in the interests of the company and its clients. And because we know how important it is to our clients that we know what we are talking about, all the staff are themselves entrepreneurial with solid foundations of business knowledge.

And at its heart, this is a company with a simple philosophy: of helping our clients to start and grow successful businesses.



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