Ony is a SFEDI Accredited Business Consultant who holds an Honours Degree in Mass Communication & IT, a Masters in Business Management and an MBA. She is also a registered Business Link Consultant, an active member of the Institute of Business Consulting (IBC) and has delivered various Business Link and London Development Agency (LDA) contracts as well as working with hundreds of public and private sector companies in the UK and internationally.  

Ony Okosa has an unquestionably valuable reputation not only as a leading BAME and Women edge business advisor, but also as a consultant that attains and delivers results for her clients, results that make a sustainable difference to the formation and growth of their business.  Ony is also recognised amongst her network as a person that exceeds customer satisfaction, over achieves on targets and an expert in the delivery of public and private funded support programmes. 

As a Managing Director and Business Consultant, Ony has been fortunate to have been on the board of directors for many companies over the years as well as to have worked as an independent consultant for some of Britain’s most respected companies and individuals.

Her passion and expertise is in business planning, raising finance, mentoring, developing marketing strategies, advertising and public relations. Ony is experienced in designing positive business plans that tie seamlessly into a clients marketing strategy, making sure that the business is prepared for exponential growth as opportunities present themselves. Ony has an advanced knowledge of finance and what is required to generate funding for all kinds of projects. 

Key skills include:

Detailed knowledge & experience in providing SME & BAME support: Marketing, business    planning, one to one advice, growth, finance, HR, Cashflow, ICT, business mentoring, etc.

Established one of the most successful business start up programmes in London

Designed and implemented a business planning course for pre starts and start ups

Started up over 167 businesses

Knowledge and understanding of issues facing SMEs- especially those in the early stage of
   development and growth.

Ability to write a comprehensive, professionally written and custom business plan, cash flow    and profit and loss account.

Raising Finance

Key Achievements:

LDA Access to Finance Programme

63 Objective Two Outputs

27 Non Objective Two Outputs

90 A2F Clients

Total Raised = £676,000 

GLE Access to Finance Programme

Exquisite Consultancy Ltd achieved the following outputs below working as a freelance consultant for GLE OneLondon: 

Marry Maids - £10,000

PJ Installers- £10,000

The London Print Company- £10,000

Wahu Foods- £10,000

Crystal Partners Solicitors - £10,000 

A total of £50,000 was successfully raised.

In total, Ony has successfully raised over £856,000 for her clients and this number is steadily increasing on a daily basis. 

Ony is an inspiration to women businesses and will continue to further herself and help others in business to have the confidence to motivate, succeed and reach their goals. Not only is Ony a motivational speaker, she was also the first business advisor to receive the SFEDI qualification and accreditation in London.  Ony successfully received her award in February 2006. 

Case studies:

Wedge Salon
Teamtouch Unisex Salon Ltd 
Tam and Rob