Are you a new business looking for start-up help?

We understand the issues and barriers you may face to get your business up and running. Our experience and advice will help you overcome the vast majority of these hurdles. Whether your idea is in its infancy or if you have just started trading our support services will stack the odds in your favour.

A new business can’t solely function on a good idea and because of this we have developed three simple steps of interactive new business services to help you start:

Step 1: Find out what's involved in running a business on our Barclays Let's Talk Starting in Busines seminar.  

This seminar is a good starting point for anyone who has ever thought about working for themselves and looks at the what you need to do and who you need to inform, assesses the advantages and disadvantages of working for yourself and ultimately will help you decide whether this is the route for you. 

What will you get out of it?

  • Learn about the rewards of being in business
  • What to include in a good business plan
  • How do you research business prospects?
  • What the legal requirements, including forms of business
  • What are your TAX and VAT obligations?
  • Where to get help and advice
  • Where you can find finance

All this and more, with plenty of time to ask questions and meet other people setting up in business too.

Step 2: The Centa Road Test. Test the viability and feasibility of your idea and take a Centa Road Test with a professional adviser. In the first stages of starting a business we know that so many people are searching for guidance and information and we know from experience that it's better and easier to do it properly the first time. We are confident in what we do because we’ve been doing it for so long, learning the ins and outs of small business, so that our wisdom can be passed on to you.  

So how will the Road Test help you? A one to one business assessment meeting with your own adviser who will:

  • Undertake a business plan assessment
  • Review the financial forecasts
  • Assess the viability of your business model
  • Consider the barriers to you starting
  • And identify suitable sources of funding

Cost £50.00 (inc VAT)

Step 3: Business First. Successful businesses do not happen by chance and Centa is here to help you start you on your business journey. The first two years of starting a business are the most critical and this is when most business failures occur. We have over 26 years experience in helping businesses start.

How will Business First benefit you? Up to three one to one business planning meetings with your own business adviser who can advise on every aspect of starting a business including:

  • Help you bring your idea into reality
  • Or if you have just started trading support to take your business in the right direction.
  • Introduce sources of funding
  • Change and adapt financial forecasts and business plans.
  • Help identify customer needs and buying behaviour.
  • Identify solutions to generate new sales
  • Help find business premises
  • Identify training needs

Cost £150.00 (inc VAT). Additional meetings are charged at £50.00 (inc VAT) at the discretion of your Business Adviser.